Latest Glo 0.00 Free Browsing Cheat For XP Psiphon

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    • Very fast and easy to use
    • US, INDIA, SINGAPORE and SPAIN servers added
    • Improved UI
    • It supports tethering (USB tether, WIFI tether, and generic tether)
    • Auto import config
    • Secured config
    • Splash theme
    • Reliable
    • Minor bugs fixed

    First of all, download XP Psiphon Here, if you don't have it installed on your phone.


    • A Glo sim with 0.00 balance and no data
    • Strong 3G network
    • Your Android phone
    • XP Psiphon
    • Name: Gurusarenna
    • APN:
    • APN Type: Tick Default & Supl
    • Proxy: leave it blank
    • Port: leave it blank
    • Username and password: flat
    SMS PAYU to 127. You will receive a reply that you are using data as Pay As U Go to browse. Skip this if you have previously sent the text.
    After that, launch the vpn, tap on the navigation icon (three white dash) => XP Generator.

    • Url/Host: or
    • Proxy: or
    • Real Proxy type: Default or HTTP
    • Proxy type: tick Real Host
    • Now, tap on Generate
    • Glo%2BXp%2Bpsiphon%2Bsettings
    • In selected server, choose United states or Netherlands.
    • Now, tap on Connect.
    • It will connect within 2mins.
    Now, launch your browser and start browsing.
    It's more stable and fast.

    That's all.
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