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  1. igloc

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    Hi to all the gurus in the house...

    Please I need help rooting a friend of mine's TECNO DP7CPRO android tablet...

    The latest version of king root (mobile and PC) and also i-root both failed to root the tablet...

    I will greatly appreciate your ideas on how to root it...

    Here's a SS of the device info⬇
  2. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Its tecno 7C if am right, you should try kingroot on PC, it will surely do it...
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  3. igloc

    igloc Member GA - Member

    Thanks... I'll try that
  4. Jhon

    Jhon Member GA - Member

    Hi Igloc, I would recommend you to use Framaroot Android app in order to root your android smartphones or tablets. Since it makes the rooting easier, safer and faster. It is one of the best android rooting application available.

    peace out!
  5. igloc

    igloc Member GA - Member

    I use superuser but the problem is I don't get a custom recovery for the phone but I'll try framaroot too and see
  6. Ysster

    Ysster Member GA - Member

    Failed ? which root tool is you used ?For android phone to root android device the safety way is find a effective root tool ,due to it designed for Android user ,and to prevent the android devices may appear problem,

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